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Early Speeches
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Krishnamurti mentioned that his enlightenment has been completed around 1927, and it was a short two-years run after that before he decided to dissolve the organization built around him. Many of the speeches he made around that time were quite beautiful and inspiring. Because they are mystical rather than psychological, they have a simplicity and a lyrical dimension that is sometimes lost in his later, more elaborated, speeches.

Because there aren't many of them in print, and because the few existing ones are now hard to find, I will try to web here some of those I managed to get hold off by means of second hand bookshops and left over libraries. All texts hereunder are from 1928:

The Purpose of Life (2)
Happiness and Desire (4)
The Search (6)
Formless Creation (1)
The Immortal Friend (1)

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